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CMHC — Corporate Information

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is Canada’s national housing agency. CMHC’s mission is to enhance the quality, affordability and choice of housing in Canada. The Corporation works to enhance Canada’s housing finance options, assist Canadians who cannot afford housing in the private market, improve building standards and housing construction, and provide policymakers with the information and analysis they need to sustain a vibrant housing market in Canada.

In This Section:

  • About CMHC
    Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is Canada’s national housing agency. Established as a government-owned corporation in 1946 to address Canada’s post-war housing shortage, the agency has grown into a major national institution. CMHC is Canada’s premier provider of mortgage loan insurance, mortgage-backed securities, housing policy and programs, and housing research.
  • Newsroom
    The Newsroom assembles CMHC's national and regional news releases and speeches, ideas for news stories on housing, contact information for CMHC's Media Relations Group, as well as details about the Minister responsible for CMHC and awards the Corporation has received in recent years.
  • Careers
    By joining Canada's "home team" at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), you can help contribute to Canada being among the well-housed nations of the world.
  • CMHC Library
    The Canadian Housing Information Centre is the library of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Located at the National Office of CMHC in Ottawa, it is the most extensive housing information source in the country, serving consumers, builders, developers, academics and industry decision-makers.
  • Contact Us
    If you are unable to find information you need on the Web site, contact us for information on our National and Regional Offices, CMHC Departments and Media Inquiries.


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