Shelter Enhancement Program (SEP) — On-Reserve

A program that offers financial assistance for the repair, rehabilitation and improvement of existing shelters on-reserve for women and their children, youth and men who are victims of family violence. It also provides for  the acquisition or construction of new shelters and second stage housing on-reserve where needed. Assistance is in the form of a fully forgivable loan provided the Band Council adheres to the conditions of the program.

Who is Eligible?

Band Councils or an affiliated housing arm of the Band Council who have the operation of housing for women and their children, youth or men who are victims of family violence as a principal objective.

How does it Work?

New Development:

  • Contributions of up to 100 per cent of a project’s capital cost.
  • Loan must be secured by a Ministerial Guarantee for a period of 15 years.

For Renovation:

  • Maximum loan in accordance with the number of existing units/bed units in the project and the geographic zone where the property is located.

Loan Assistance available according to geographic location

  Maximum loan per unit/bed unit
Zone 1: Southern Areas of Canada $24,000
Zone 2: Northern Areas of Canada $28,000*
Zone 3: NWT, Yukon, Labrador and Northern Quebec $36,000*

* A 25 % supplement in assistance is available in remote areas.

Operating assistance must be secured through Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC). For second stage housing, occupants are expected to make modest contributions to offset the project’s operating costs. Funding for costs above the maximum SEP loan is the responsibility of the Band Council.

What Type of Work is Eligible?

  • Repairs to bring existing emergency shelters/second stage housing up to a minimum level of health and safety
  • To permit accessibility for occupants with a disability
  • To provide adequate and safe play areas for children and to ensure an appropriate level of security for the occupants.

For new construction the project should be modest and reflect the actual needs of the client. The most cost effective and appropriate projects will be selected for funding. Work carried out prior to approval is not eligible for funding.

IMPORTANT: Work carried out before the loan is approved in writing is not eligible for funding under this program.

Where Can I get More Information?

Contact your Band Council;

Contact your local CMHC office.

Other CMHC programs are available on-reserve to assist with repairs to substandard housing, accessibility modifications and adaptations for persons with disabilitie and seniors.

Information on affordable housing programs available off-reserve in each province and territory is provided under links to Affordable Housing Programs Across Canada.



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